Affichage des articles du septembre, 2014

Actions of Career Orientation for M1 Students: Discover Careers in International Business

Today, first year participants have met several professional, in order to discover careers in International Business. In the morning, after presenting their companies and sectors, the speakers explained the contribution of the procurement, commercial, supply chain & logistic functions to the business. They also presented the career of the entrepreneur. Through examples of real business life, they transmitted to the students their passion for their jobs.  The international dimension is inextricably melted to their everyday activities (last night dinner with Lithuanians, today’s trip to Italy, tomorrow’s negotiation with Germans, etc.) Their testimonies related the variety of professional positions with an international dimension and the diverse ways to be in contact with foreign countries. They also debated on the context for business today and on the importance of innovation, ethics & sustainable development. They all insisted on the global arena for professional in

Rentrée 2014 / Integration day

Le Lundi 08 Septembre, les collaborateurs de l'IAE, les membres des associations et tous les étudiants ont passé une journée riche en activités et en rencontres sous le soleil de Provence !  Un bon début pour cette nouvelle année, merci à tous pour avoir contribué à ce démarrage riche en bonne humeur !