There are no borders for our students!

Dorottya and Yasmine , downtown Toronto 

Dorottya and Yasmine are our M1 students doing the exchange program in Canada

                     They are sharing  their  Canadian  experience  with  us:

"The museums are awesome!"
"We have so many good impressions of Canadians, they are very courteous, nice and hardworking. People here at Schulich School of Business take things very seriously and the workload is the same for exchange students which I find a good challenge. Toronto is great! The museums are awesome! We haven't visited most of them yet, but we are planning to! The town is not crowded, it covers a huge area and it is by far the most ethnically diverse place I have ever been to. People are very tolerant and non-judgmental, it's a very relaxed atmosphere I'd say. 
Snowtubing near Toronto
Some of the Canadian stereotypes I find to have some realistic background such as the fact that everyone says "sorry" no matter whose fault. 
The classes I'm taking are really interesting and engaging, students are encouraged to participate, it really fits into my career to spend my exchange here. I believe I'm in the best place to do an exchange!
Also, the weather is not that bad, it's around -10C often, sometimes it feels colder but the sun often comes out so it's not as severe as I expected it to be.
I've only been to Toronto and the sourrounding areas so far, but we're planning an Ottawa trip in 10 days as well as Montreal-Quebec city etc. later in the year. 
To sum it up, Canada is a pretty great place both to study and to travel around in! " 
Dorrotya Kiss, IAE Aix-Marseille M1 student