FT Best European Business School Ranking 2016, +7 places for IAE Aix

The Financial Times Best European Business School Ranking: Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management – IAE moves up (+7) and confirms its leading position in the World!

IAE Aix-Marseille is proud to announce that in the prestigious Financial Times Ranking, published on December 5, 2016 it has now moved up to the 67th position! 

With 7 places up, IAE Aix-Marseille is in the top 3 schools in terms of progression in the ranking together with EMLyon and Edhec. 

There are 25 French Business Schools in the ranking this year, it is a record number. IAE Aix-Marseille holds 15th place in France (last year IAE Aix held 19th place among 22 schools). 

It is also one of the only two public institutions in France together with this year’s newcomer Paris Dauphine University, to participate in the ranking and it has the lowest tuition fees in France. 

France enjoys the highest number of Business Schools in the Ranking, dominating even in front of UK who has 19 schools. 

IAE Aix-Marseille has been ranked consistently since 2008, confirming the leading position of the school in the world.

Source : http://rankings.ft.com/businessschoolrankings/european-business-school-rankings-2016